Overview of Micro & Small Scale Enterprises
Micro & Small Scale Industry has been playing a vital role in the state and national economy with thrust for generation of  employment and self employment. West  Bengal has  major advantages of easy availability of raw materials, a comfortable  power  situation,  skilled human resources, stable socio-political environments which are the basic needs in the industrial development. Moreover, the affordable cost of infrastructure, strong agricultural base, powerful and dynamic rural sector having Panchayat administration and rich cultural heritage make West Bengal investor friendly in all respect. West Bengal also has geographical advantage with respect to marketing and export. Govt. of  West Bengal has been rendering all possible assistance with emphasis for growth.

Micro & Small Scale Enterprises plays a vital role in employment generation in West Bengal.

There are 2513303 working micro, small & medium enterprises (both Registration & Un-registered) providing employment of 5831566 persons with 9.63% as working units and 9.81% as employment after Uttar Pradesh & Maharastra.

Thus West Bengal is prominent in regard to existing strength and volume of MSMEs.

West Bengal is holding an important position among all states in the country in terms of number of working MSMEs. Out of total 60504 Nos. of enterprises surveyed 42635 Nos. (78.47%) are found working whereas 8881 Nos. & 8988 are closed & Non-traceable respectively. The number of Micro, Small & Medium working units are respectively as 40809, 1720 & 106.

Data source - 4th Census

Industry Varieties
Traditionally metal and engineering industries have a strong base in the State. The first defense production centre known as Cossipore Gun and Shell factory was set up in Kolkata in early nineteenth century. The State has skilled and educated man power which is still considered as one of the best human resources centre in the world. All the resources available in the State have helped the growth of other industries like Mining, Jute, Tea, Silk, Gems and Jewellery etc. and recently the IT industries. Service sector has provided opportunities of employment with rejuvenation of IT and service sector growth.

West Bengal is rich in handicrafts. Handicrafts are traditionally the heritage items of the state. There are as many as 5,50,000 craftsmen engaged for producing wide range of handicrafts item while staying in their home. Every district features in this respect. The State Govt. has been implementing different schemes for development of handicraft industries in the state.
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