~:: Steps to Set Up an Industry ::~
The Scenario
In the present scenario of industrialization, the task of motivating the future generation entrepreneurs is the focus of attention throughout the State. Considering the real need, the Directorate of Micro & Small Scale Enterprises, wants to adopt more intensive services for elimination of communication gap. Before planning to go for setting up of any S.S.I., strong determination and calculated risk taking ability are must and form the basic strength of it and the proponent. The product identification should be in respect of its technical and economic aspects and particularly its smooth marketability. Prime consideration in most of the products should be availability of local raw materials, skill and items in and around the zone of operation may be tried into.
  Steps to follow :
Identification of product / process / service after due market survey and analysis. Selection of Name of the proposed Enterprise (Avoid names connected in any way with Central Govt. or any State Govt.)
Execution of partnership deed / Articles & Memorandum of Association and obtaining Certificate from the Register of Companies / Registration with the Register of Co-Operatives in case of Co-operative Societies.
Apply to Corporation / Municipality / Panchayat for locational clearance and get certificate of enlistment / license.
Apply in prescribed format to the West Bengal Pollution Control Board, Paribesh Bhaban, 10A, Block-LA, Sector-III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700 091 for No-Objection Certificate (NOC). For some specified group of items, NOC’s are provided from District Industries Centre. (Contact District Industries Centre for details beforehand).
Apply to District Industries Centre in prescribed format (available with District Industries Centre) for Provisional / Temporary Registration.
Arrangement of land (outright purchase or rented). In case of lease-hold land for factory, at least 21 years terms may be preferred.
Obtain quotation of machinery and raw materials from Authorized Dealers / Manufacturers.
Preparation of scheme / project report for the proposed item / items of production / process / service. (Investment Employment ratio should be Rs. 50,000/- : 01, to come under AEP Scheme of the Government).
Apply to CESC or WBSEB in prescribed format available at DE / SE / SS office, along-with Trade License, Rent receipt, SSI (Provisional/ Temporary) Registration Certificate, scheme etc., for electric power line in consultation with WBSEB / CESC. (Contact District Industries Centre with documentary evidences for recommendation for priority, if required).
Submission of scheme / project report supported with current price quotation of machinery and raw materials, trade license and other related papers to DIC / Directorate of C & SSI, West Bengal, N. S. Building, 9th Floor 1, K. S. Roy Road, Kolkata - 700 001 / SISI, Government of India, 111 & 112, B. T. Road, Kolkata - 700 108 for vetting.
Loan application to Financial Corporation / Commercial Bank through DIC, or directly as desired.
Apply to District Industries Centre for loan under Margin Money Scheme in scheduled format along with copy of Provisional / Temporary SSI Registration, copy of vetted scheme, bio-data, copy of sanction advice of WBFC / Bank etc. in duplicate / triplicate as the case may be. Immediately contact District Industries Centre after sanction of Bank / WBFC.
Apply to the Commissioner, Commercial Taxes, 14, Beliaghata Road, Kolkata – 700 015 in scheduled format (available with S.T. Office) endorsing a copy to the concerned CTO, Commercial Taxes for necessary registration.
Placement of order for supply of Machinery to the authorized dealers or manufacturers, after sanction or project in consultation with BANK / WBFC and DIC.
Construction of factory shed and building (in case of own or lease hold) with prior approval of plan from appropriate authority of the area.
Installation of Plant & Machinery and Electric Power Line.
Recruitment of Staff & Workers.
On commencement of production, apply to West Bengal Pollution Control Board, Kolkata for getting Pollution Clearance ( Consent to Operate [COO]) from them. For some specified group of product apply to DIC. (Contact District Industries Centre for details beforehand ).
Apply to District Industries Centre for PMT / FNL SSI Registration in prescribed format (available with DIC to be procured on production of valid Trade License/ Certificate of Enlistment). Application for PMT / FNL SSI Registration is required to be submitted to DIC with all requisite documents positively within 6 [six] months from date of commencement of production to avail benefits of State Incentive Scheme.
Apply to National Small Industries Corporation Limited, 20 Abdul Hamid Street, Kolkata 700 069 in prescribed format for single point registration for marketing assistance.
In case of installation of captive power generating set, permission to be obtained from the District Administration and NOC to be obtained from CESC or WBSEB and WBPCB. The D. G. set to be finally registered with the office of the Chief Electrical Inspector, 1, Harish Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700 020.
Regular linkage with all the concerned agencies like Bank / Financial Institution/ DIC/ SISI to provide feedback of information to them for guidance, if necessary.
In case of Expansion / Modernization of the existing unit, prior approval of the expansion scheme / project from DIC/ Directorate of C & SSI, West Bengal / SISI Kolkata and due recording of the same in PMT / FNL SSI Registration Certificate are required to be obtained.
For detailed information and guidance please contact the Office of The General Manager, District Industries Centre of your district.
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